About Play Therapy

Being a parent is not easy. There is no single method to guide our way on how to best support our children’s growth and well-being. Like many parents, you might feel frustrated, lost, confused, or even overwhelmed as you try to sort through all the parenting advice available and find a way to parent which intuitively feels right for yourself and for your child. These feelings are compounded when your child is struggling or facing challenges in home, school, or with managing the complexities of living in our busy, often over-stimulating, world. Seeking support for your child or with your parenting is an important step. I honor and fully understand how difficult this decision can be. I provide non-judgmental therapeutic support and guidance that will not only support your child, but we will work together to help your family return to a state of empowerment, connection, and loving authenticity.

Play Therapy

My approach is to provide a safe and supportive presence in which your child can fully and authentically express her/his feelings and work through life’s challenges through the use of their primary language…play. By being fully seen, heard and validated through the play therapy process, children begin to express and process difficult, challenging and/or traumatic experiences that they are working through. We can then work together to increase a child’s self-awareness and learn healthier and more effective ways to handle these challenges. Children learn the tools needed to manage the stresses in their life as well as develop resources and abilities within themselves to manage life’s continuing challenges.  Learn more

Nature-based Play Therapy

I offer a unique and innovative form of Nature-Based Play Therapy where sessions are primarily conducted outdoors to fully guide a child’s therapeutic process. Utilizing nature-based play therapy principles, I can support and deepen a child’s nervous system regulation, attention and focus, sensory integration, emotional intelligence, self-awareness, and attachment to self and others.  Learn more

What to Expect

Seeking counseling for your child is a big step for a parent to make. In this section you will find answers to a few commonly asked questions regarding the play therapy process. These and other questions and concerns can be addressed in more detail during the free consultation call and during the initial parent meeting. Learn more


For a child, it is in the simplicity of play that the complexity of life is sorted, like puzzle pieces joined together to make sense of the world.

L.R. Knost

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Nature-Based Play Therapy
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